What is Fuzzware?

Fuzzware is a generic fuzzing framework. It is designed to allow the testing of software via automating the creation and processing of testcases. The testcases can be files, network packets or calls to interfaces e.g. a Web Service.

Fuzzware works on a simple principle; if you can fuzz XML you can fuzz anything that can be described in XML. Since XML was designed for describing data in just about any format, this makes the premise of Fuzzware very powerful. However, XML is just a container for data, it does not contain information about the types or structures of data, for this Fuzzware uses an XML Schema Definition (XSD) file. So given an XML file containing data and an XSD file describing the types and structure of that data, Fuzzware will be able to create type and structure dependant testcases for the software being fuzzed to process.

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