Fuzzware has a convenient UI for configuring its many options. Currently the UI does not help with creating the XML or XSD files (if these are required), but helps configure all the other options in what is a 5 stage process.

Stage 1, choose you input. Each type of input has different options but generally just involves specifying the XML and XSD files that Fuzzware will use.

Fuzzware Stage 1 Sreenshot

Stage 2, configure the fuzzing. Choose the values that each fuzzing technique will use for each different data type and data structure.

Fuzzware Stage 2 Screenshot

Stage 3, choose you output. The output configuration options will tell Fuzzware how to communicate the testcase to the target software that is being fuzzed.

Fuzzware Stage 3 Screenshot

Stage 4, monitoring and testing. Fuzzware can be configured to monitor the output or behaviour of the target software. There is also a test mode that when turned on will execute all the configuration stages but without doing any fuzzing, this lets the configuration be tested before fuzzing begins.

Fuzzware Stage 4 Screenshot

Stage 5, execute the fuzzer. The actual fuzzing is performed by a separate executable and can be controlled directly.

Fuzzware Stage 5 Screenshot

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