The change-log for Fuzzware

New in version 1.5
Fuzzsaw: Completely new user interface.
Schemer: Added the ability to fuzz Web Services.
Schemer: Added the ability to fuzz ActiveX controls.
ConvertFromXML: Added 'DontOutput' schema attribute command. Stops a node from being serialised to the output, but it can still be used as input to a processing instruction.
Common: Console window output text is now coloured to make it easier to see Warnings and Errors.
FuzzwareInstaller: Fuzzware now installs on a machine.

Bug fixes in version 1.5
Schemer: Fixed NullPointerException if no Integer fuzzing node existed in SimpleTypeFuzzer.xml
Schemer: The fuzzing loop is now executed even when there are no fuzzers, as this ensures the log records that there were no fuzzers for a particular node.
Schemer: Changed the name of the Boolean fuzzer displayed in the log from "Value" to "BooleanFuzzer"
Schemer: Reset the position of the MemoryStream containing the XML to 0 before it is passed to the OutputHandler. This was confusing if you were writing your own OutputHandler.
Evaluate: Fixed bug loading user assemblies. If more than one assembly was specified they were not correctly loaded.
Monitor: Fixed NullPointerException when using Process Termination Monitor.
Schemer: Fixed Mutex synchronisation issue when Monitoring pauses from another thread.
Common: Nodes where maxOccurs equals minOccurs are no longer considered as having an occurrence count of 1.
Schemer: The ReplaceDecimal fuzzer is now working
Schemer: The current position of the MemoryStream passed to the IUserPreOutputHandler is now set to the beginning of the stream.
Common: A warning, instead of a crash occurs for imported/included schema that do not exist.
Evaluate: Output to Network using SSL, if the remote server has an invalid certificate, this is now ignored.
Evaluate: Increased the maximum timeout for network connections, with longer maximum timeout if SSL is used.
Schemer: A variety of improvements to the RandomInteger and RandomDecimal fuzzers.
Evaluate: Fixed registration of FuzzwareDBG COM objects
Convert2XML: Fixed a bug where if the root node was the source of a PI command it was not getting a PI added to it.
Schemer: Fixed some bugs around using ranges with byte and string fuzzing
Schemer: Fixed issue setting state when there are multiple nodes with the same name but different types.
Schemer: The XLM Schema Time and Date types are still not supported, but the are handled more gracefully now.

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